08 May 2012

A sweet, creamy goat: Capricho de Cabra

Capricho de Cabra is a very nice Spanish goat's milk cheese that we tried here this week....and highly recommend.

Capricho is a borderline-soft/borderline creamy cheese that hails from the Southeastern part of Spain---a temperate, grassy region known as Murcia.

This is the same region of Spain, and the same Murciano goats, which provides us with Capricho's slightly smoother, certainly moister cousin:  Murcia al Vino (the "Drunken Goat").  We at FDM sampled the Drunken Goat a couple of years ago and it remains among our worldwide favorite cheeses.

Capricho is not soaked in wine, though, as Murcia al Vino is.  Rather, Capricho is a bit on the sweet and dry side, making it a standout among the usually more salty, wetter goat's milk cheeses out there.

Capricho is just the right touch of 'tangy', and not too creamy, to first excite and then hunker down in your taste-buds....but, for just the right amount of time (minutes). That is not the easiest feat for a goat's milk cheese that has to be shipped across the Atlantic-- this is not your grandma's, 2-day, fresh farmer's chevre:)

In any case, it is a really very nice selection.  It might go perfectly with a flatbread and a bit of olive oil.  Whole Foods Market has been carrying this cheese all year.  Enjoy.

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