10 August 2007

Stay tuned: 'Taking back the Curd'...

As F.D.M. readers have guessed by lack of entries, there has been a hiatus in the world of amateur cheese-blogging. As lives tend to go, so do blogs, it seems; they ebb and flow with the normal tides of everyday emotions and motivations. Alas. I think I speak for all of our contributors and readers when I say,"It is all Ok."

The reality is that there is a natural order of things in this world. And it is on this trajectory that our feelings and desires evolved and gave birth to Fromage-du-Mois. It was organic and beautiful. And the spirit is still alive and strong!

The sensorium that is 'cheese' has but one choice in continuing to breath life into this project. So, on we go....There will likely be an upcoming F.D.M. resurgence. This post-hiatus era of the the FDM project may prospectively be referred to as 'Taking back [of] the Curd'...

Curious observation:
I imagine many Fromage-du-Mois contributors and readers alike have experienced what I have in the past 3 months, away from active cheese blogging. And that is this: the eating of cheese in our contemporary American life does not always happen as some 'planned event' or collective cheese tasting. We run across cheddars, swiss, muensters, fetas, ricottas, and the likes in our everyday, culinary lives. Does appreciation of the extraordinary beget awareness of the ordinary? Hmmm....

With unquenchable collective innovation, I have taken the liberty to display an artisitc rendition of our Fromage-du-Mois letters on this post. (c)2007.


  1. ricky, your words are music to my ears. you speak such truth -- of life, of blogs, and, of course, of cheese.

    i reckon our entire fromageophile family - lifetime members and neophytes alike - has been experiencing cheeses on an everyday, ordinary level during these past few months (though we all know that any encounter with fromage is far from ordinary). perhaps we should all reflect on our time away from formalized cheese tastings and remember all the little things cheese has done for us. be it the slice of swiss melted on our breakfast bagels, the cheddar oozing inside our grilled cheese sandwiches, or the shredded parmesan sprinkled over our pasta... cheese touches our lives in many ways.

    thank you for rekindling the fromagefire.
    i will stand with you as we take back the curd.

    ps i also found your artwork incredibly moving. striking color palette; cheese-centric iconography; the juxtaposition of clean and jagged lines… well done.

  2. cheers, chedda! I am also looking forward to rekindling the flame with everyone. From a recent email, know that GoudaChris shares the same rejuvenated motivation. Look out for plans for the next tasting soon or perhaps it is your turn to propose the fromage and the time period. with love, Ricky