23 August 2007

Wild about Parrano

I know it may be unorthodox to comment on a cheese without having everyone partake, but hopefully Fromage du Mois-heads will forgive me as a new member. I had the most fabulous cheese the other night and I just had to share.

At first I thought it was called Uniekaas, because that's the name that was on the label. But actually that is the name of a the Dutch cheese company that makes it.

Parrano was "created" 12 years ago by Uniekaas, which tries to market the cheese like it's Italian, even though it is actually made in Holland.

It's a type of gouda - creamy in taste, combining the right salty flavor and a pungent almost blue cheese-style strength. But it's the consistency - hard and crumbly, almost like parmesean - that's perfect.

As you can tell from my name, I'm partial to Greek cheeses, but I may have a new favorite.

We tried it with a simple panne bello loaf of bread and some light pepper-flavored table crackers. Delicious!

And just for fun, check out this cheese-loving dude I found.

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  1. kaseri-
    outstanding post and initiative - especially with"created" cheese. strange to think that mostly we eat cheeses with hundreds of years of history, perhaps overlooking cheese innovation. this makes me wonder: does the cave aged gruyère that i'm eating now taste the same as it did in 1700?

    i'll have to keep an eye out for this parrano. speaking of which, here are the full results for 2006 world cheese championship: